Praise for Kathy

"Kathy is ready to walk into any issue and seems to have no fear. She firmly holds the space and lets me challenge the structure. She supports and challenges me in a gentle way that allows me to open to myself." N. Raulston

"My work with Kathy has opened my heart and made me more loving toward my self, my husband and others." M. Day

"Kathy has an unwavering commitment to healing and wholeness. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is willing to be with the questions." J. Forrest

"Sometimes you just need to fall apart. Sometimes your body is already falling apart because you just haven’t gotten the message that you need to make some changes to have the life you want - rather than struggling in your life and barely surviving. If that's your story then Kathy’s your guide. Sometimes my body needs her touch, sometimes my mind needs her gentle push towards the positive and hopeful, and sometimes I just need to laugh and cry. She has ALWAYS provided the space and nurturing for me to regain my strength: physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. She’s the gift I give to me!" C. Lynch 

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Praise for Joyce

"Thanks to Joyce's guidance, I now give and receive love in ways I never believed were possible. I'm actively participating in my life instead of wondering why things don't go my way. I've learned to access peace and strength from within." Tatiana Brennan, L.S.W., San Francisco, California

"Joyce's astrological insights initially gave me that "aha!" moment of discovering a part of me that I never knew existed. After that, I began seeing her regularly and learned how to fully experience that self. I recommend working with her in any capacity." A.L., Attorney, Vail, Colorado

"I couldn't identify what wasn't an issue when I first started working with Joyce--everything in my life seemed wrong. She gave me insight into my heart, soul and mind. Now I can soothe myself even when I get scared. She walked me through some of the hardest things I've faced." J.W., East Bay, California

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