Inspired Life Coaching

We are Life Coaches and spiritual mentors to our clients. Our focus is education and inspiration– teaching you how to achieve a greater awareness of yourself. Knowledge comes from your own life experience. Both of us  live our lives in this manner: we approach obstacles or challenges with curiosity, openness and positivity. Our commitment to making the best out of everything creates more of what we're wanting. We can teach you how to do the same. 

We firmly believe that when you cultivate a deeper understanding of your spiritual self, a more conscious connection to the Divine/Spirit/Universe/All-That-Is can be made. This facilitates understanding of how to make choices from an inspired place, powered both by clear intention and Source energy. Then you have the power of focus to help attract and manifest what you desire. 

We can teach you to create the inspired life you truly desire. We'll help you remember your own spiritual wisdom, your true nature, and how to live in celebration.  You'll learn how to focus your thoughts positively and to consciously connect with Source.  Happiness is not a myth – we'll help you get there. Please visit our Specialties pages for more information on the methods and tools we use. 

Please note that we are not licensed by the state as  psychotherapists or as psychologists and we do not offer or engage in  psychotherapy. If that is what you are looking for, we are happy to  refer you to someone who meets those qualification