Kathy Jacobson

As a Certified Life Coach, Kathy delights in teaching people how to live an inspired life, rich with joy and ease. Kathy is also a graduate of the Hakomi Institute of San Francisco, which teaches mindfulness as the basis for self-exploration and personal growth. She blends spirit, mind and body for your ultimate joy and Well-Being.

Her intention is to help you find more peace, comfort and joy within yourself. Her approach is a direct reflection of her own spiritual growth and one that ensures that each of her clients feels more connected to themselves and in doing so, expands their capacity for happiness. For more detailed information, check out her website at http://kathyljacobson.com


Life Coaching

I can teach you to create the inspired life you truly desire. I’ll help you remember your own spiritual wisdom, your true nature, and how to live in celebration. You'll learn how to focus your thoughts positively and to consciously connect with Source. Awareness is the key and I will support you in bringing all of the pieces of your life together to help you become the most vibrant, authentic you that you can be. If you feel stuck or uninspired in your relationships, your work life, your body or your career path, I can help.

Body Awareness

Connecting with your body is one of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to get back in touch with yourself and your feelings. From that open, relaxed place, healing, insights and wellbeing can flow allowing for more physical and emotional balance. Your body speaks volumes and I will teach you how to pay attention so you can make adjustments along the way. I use my expertise in Swedish and Shiatsu massage, Reiki, Transformational Bodywork, visualization, reflexology, breath-work and intention to tailor each session to your unique needs and desires.