Joyce Van Horn

Joyce Van Horn is a warm, empathetic and thoughtful Sagittarian, with a mischievous sense of humor. Having worked as everything from a radio announcer to the receptionist at a mortuary, she concludes that no experience goes to waste-and everything has meaning.

She has been a long-time advocate of self-discovery and self-actualization, and she has been using the tools of astrology and coaching to help thousands of clients live their lives more fully. Nothing is more important to her than feeling good, living in joy and educating others how to do the same.

Check out Joyce's website at for more details on her practices and rates.


Evolutionary Astrology Readings

The Natal Birth Chart Reading: Who You Were Born to Be

Your Natal Birth Chart provides you with the unique evolutionary perspective that will help you understand the energetic “map” of who you optimally can be. It identifies basic drives, values, relationship needs, what kind of work will have meaning and passion for you and more. Even if you’ve had a birth chart reading before, this one will give you new information that will rock your world in a wonderful way.

What’s Happening Now Reading: Helping You Plan For Your Future

Learn how to weather the seasons of your life by learning what planets are currently affecting you in a specific way, when these trends began, when they end and how to make the most out of them. You’ll also understand how to prepare for and optimize upcoming planetary energies. As a result, you’ll know when to take action on what during a specific timeframe. This may be combined with the Osho Zen Tarot at no extra charge.

Theme Readings: Need Insight Into a Specific Area of Your Life?

Option #1: We meet for 1 hour in person or on the phone, anywhere from 3 to 8 times (lower rates are available for this series). This can help you transition from one career to the next, move you in the right relationship direction, get clear on what you really desire rather than what you “should” do (email or call for costs).

Options #2: We speak on the phone for a 30-minutes session focused on one specific area of your life, which can be a birth chart or current life theme

Osho Zen Tarot Reading

You will be inspired and informed by the powerful and empowering images and meanings of the tarot cards, interwoven with vivid interpretation. This will help to stir your imagination, step out of the shadows and see things with greater clarity. You’ll receive Insights galore.

All Readings and Tarot listed above: 1 hour, $160 | 90 minutes, $240 | 2 hours, 320

Relationship Readings: You & Me, the Best That We Can Be

A relationship reading identifies the differences, compatibilities, blind spots and strengths between two people. This creates a greater awareness of the other individual and how to optimize your relationship. For couples, friends, business associates, parents and their kids or any other kind of relationship.

2 hours, $320

Teaching & Tutoring

I teach groups or individuals basic, intermediate or advanced Evolutionary Astrology. My approach is experiential, meaning that you actively participate in class rather than just listening to me—I’ve found that the best way to learn is by doing. I also can teach about certain themes, planets, upcoming trends and more, in person or on the phone.

3 sessions, $225 ($75/hour) | 6 sessions, $420 ($70/hour) | 7+ sessions, $65/hour

All sessions are one hour in duration. Contact me for group rates.

Life Coaching/Guidance/Mentoring

Whether you’re tired of doing what you’re supposed to do the way someone else says to or you’re eager to stretch beyond where you are and what you know.  You might not even be sure what you want in various domains of your life. You’re starting to feel that you can’t (or don’t want to) do it alone. And you don’t need to. That’s where I come in.

Once we deal your doubts and the beliefs that limit you, we can get your Big Dream out of storage. We’ll set your imagination free to do what it likes and then sculpt it into a living reality. When you’re clear about what you want, it’s easier to make conscious choices. Conscious choices = power. Each time we meet, I’ll give you playwork—places to go, things to see, ideas to ponder and experiment with “out of school.” This way you’ll get a felt sense of what works for you and what doesn’t. Ultimately, what you’ve learned you can’t forget. You will have tools to reach for other dreams and apply what you’ve learned for the rest of your life.

60 minutes, $160

Flower Essences

Ever hear about Rescue Remedy? This flower essence formula helps you stabilize, ground and stay present, no matter what the circumstance. On 9/11, it was widely given to traumatized people and animals in New York City who were in the area of the attacks. Rescue Remedy is just one of hundreds of flower essences now available.

What are flower essences? Each flower or plant contains a unique healing energy or vibration. Larch, for example, builds confidence. Iris enhances creativity. Bleeding Heart encourages love that is freely given and received. Flower essences help you move through issues or life passages with greater grace, awareness and ease.

Depending on what’s going on in your life, different essences will help you at different times with specific issues. A tailor-made flower essence is a powerful tool for positive change.

Consultations for a new essence: 60 minutes, $160

Consultations can be done either in person or over the phone.

Flower Essences & “What’s on the Horizon” Reading

Astrological information can be used to determine life trends so as to more effectively tailor the essences to your personal needs at this point in time (this is an additional fee of $30).